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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
The Morning Papers - 2/20/07
So...this AJC screenshot is from yesterday, but this is MY blog, so I'll write about whatever day I want.

  • First, check out the picture. It's about the world's smallest premature infant. I suppose I can appreciate the "newsworthiness" of the story, but the picture is just weird-looking.
  • "Avondale Estates Readies for Rats". The subtext clears this up a bit, but it's still an odd headline.
  • Brian Nichols' defense bill still escalates. I've mentioned this madness before.
  • They're saying Jonathan Babineaux from the Atlanta killed a dog, but I honestly don't think they have much proof of that.
  • "Airport Workers to be screened" - this is news? They aren't being screened already?
  • 16yo kills intruder. The intruder was a 19yo from the killer's previous school. For some reason, it looks like the gangs may have had "issues" with the killer. There has been pointed graffiti on the street in front of the house for over a month. A neighbor says "I don't know if it's gangs, a black and white thing or just stupidity." Probably a bit of both.
  • The Thrashers trounce on the road, while the Hawks are stomped at home.
  • AND...James Brown STILL has not been buried.
Not to mention other tidbits from around the country:
I CAN'T make this stuff, folkz...

Know What I'm Sayin'??
Blogger Setta B. said...
Oh my gosh. Those feet are so tiny. I need to find that on the Web myself. I want to see more pictures.