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I'm Sayin'??
Friday, January 12, 2007
The Morning Papers - 1/12/07
Lots of weird stuff on this morning, peeps. I'm including a screenshot just to prove I'm not making this stuff up.

  • A body was found in the wheel well of a flight that arrived in Atlanta from Senegal.
  • A Kennesaw woman left her son at home for 2 days after he had just had surgery for a brain tumor.
  • A 280 lb man died in Montana while trying to break into a craft and hobby store by crawling through the a cooling duct.
  • Defense attorneys for Brian Nichols plan to use a mental health defense, and they're asking for MORE money. He "allegedly" killed 4 people during his escape and the pursuant pursuit. I'm pretty pissy about this one. This is costing a helluva lot of money.