Know What
I'm Sayin'??
Saturday, June 21, 2008
"I woulda taken the money." aka "Sheer Obstinance"

But Edith Macefield is(was) not me.

Edith was the sole holdout who refused to sell her house in a blue-collar neighborhood in Seattle.

Even when AlL of her neighbors moved away, she stayed.

Even as new construction and "progress" brought luxurious condominiums and fancy restaurants, she stayed.

Even as the construction company built the walls of a parking deck around her house, mere feet from her windows, she stayed. Looks like they even cut her poor tree.

Even when they offered her $1 million, she stayed.

Yup. $1 MILLION. 6 zeroes. Count em.

I mean, she coulda taken the money and found her a nice little condo, and bought herself a little Chevy Cobalt or something and let that old Cavalier go. I mean, at 86 years old, don't you owe yourself a comfortable ride? I had an ex who used to drive one of those, and they're pretty crappy. Lemme tell you.

Well, Edith has gone on now, and you gotta give her her props. She went out on her own terms.

I woulda taken the money. Know What I'm Sayin'??
Blogger Jameil said...
i like her being ornery. rock on edith.