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Friday, April 04, 2008
Innovative Thinking
I really like this one.

A consumer product design STUDENT (not professional) has come up with a novel and innovative solution to an old and constant problem.

Daniel Sheridan volunteered at a school on a Kenyan island last summer. While there, he was inspired by watching the children there. They played with such energy and vibrancy that he marveled at the thought of what could be done if that energy could somehow be harnessed.

He ruminated on the idea of harnessing the power of play for a while, and finally alit on the idea of playground equipment - the see-saw.

The see-saw he designed is wired to a storage unit. Just 5-10 minutes of see-sawing can generate enough energy to light a classroom for an entire evening. This could make a HUGE impact in many communities. Currently many schools in Africa open their doors to adults in the evening. Without electricity, the classrooms are lit with candles and kerosene lamps. Imagine the impact this could have.

I've toyed with a similar idea, myself. Only my idea isn't quite as sophisticated. I've imagined just setting a huge hamster wheel up behind the house and letting my child (or dog, or friend, or stranger, or anyone who needs exercise, for that matter) just get on there and go bananas. Like I said, a bit primitive compared to Daniel's see-saw.

Know What I'm Sayin'??
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hahahahahahahahaha. you shoudl totally do it.