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I'm Sayin'??
Friday, March 07, 2008
Am I the Only One Who Gets This? - 2
And another thing: My Address Book.

I need a way to keep the contacts in my e-mail and my cellphone all synced-up and current. I'm thinking the best way for this is to start with something like Plaxo. to keep my Plaxo in sync with my GMail? There's a quandry, huh?


Plaxo is really good about keeping just about every piece of information for a contact that I could want to keep. From mailing addresses to Instant Message IDs. Wait...instant message IDs. Well, I already use Trillian to consolidate all of my IMs accounts across all platforms.

Why is it such a stretch to allow my Trillian to hook into my Plaxo account? Of course, there would have to be a certain amount of...amgibuity, right? Because there's a chance I won't even have a full first and last name for EVERYBODY in my IM list. Maybe I can specify which contacts get consolidated? There are lots of "ifs" and "maybes", but trust me. It's doable.

Oh yeah. And it's all got to be accessible from everywhere. My cellphone, GMail, Mozilla Thunderbird and Trillian. Even Microsoft Outlook if I so desire.

Oh yeah, and somehow link my Plaxo back to my LinkedIn, my Ning(s), and my MySpace and Facebook, even though I don't use either of the latter two.

I haven't lost you, have I? If I have, let me know, and I'll explain it to you. I've got it all drawn out in my head.

Know What I'm Sayin'??