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Monday, January 28, 2008
TV Show: Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad is a new show on AMC. When I first heard about Breaking Bad, I was mildly interested. light of this whole writers strike thing, I figure any drama showing new episodes these days is worth a look.

The prognosis: I like it.

The basics: High school chemistry teacher Walter Smith (played by Bryan Cranston from Malcolm in the Middle) is working hard to provide for his family. His pregnant wife Skyler and his son Walter Jr., who has cerebral palsy. Walter has this nagging cough that for a long time he assumes is a nagging cold or something. When he collapses one day at work at his second job at a car wash, he finds out that he has terminal lung cancer. All of a sudden he realizes that he's about to die relatively soon, leaving his family in pretty bad shape. On the news he sees a story about a methamphetamine lab that was raided. What peaks his interest is that over $700,000 in cash was found on the scene. At this point , he decides to "rage against the machine," if you will, also known as "Breaking Bad". What happens? Well, that's the point of the show.

The pilot and the first regular episode have aired, and already A LOT has happened. I think AMC shows reruns often, so it shouldn't be hard to catch up.

It's worth it.

Know What I'm Sayin'??