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Sunday, January 27, 2008
Semi-Book Review: The Water Cure by Percival Everett
This is a semi-book review, rather than a book semi-review. That means that I'm reviewing half of the book, got it? I'm glad we straightened that out.

Oddly relevant, this one is. The scenario: The main character is a man named Ishmael, whose young daughter was kidnapped from in front of the house where she lives with his ex-wife. She was found dead in a park a couple of days later.

Ishmael then somehow finds and kidnaps the man who did it, or at least is highly suspected to have done it. He plans on torturing and ultimately killing him.

This book, so far, is a difficult read. It is told mostly from inside Ishmael's mind. Imagine how scattered the mind of the average adult male is. Now. Imagine how scattered that adult male's mind would be after his daughter has been kidnapped, and after he has in turn kidnapped her killer. He jumps from subject to subject. He ponders Greek philosophers. He thinks about his ex-wife. He has conversations with the man who is tied up in his basement.

With any book. If you ever get to the point where you find it difficult, you have the option of stopping. Right? Well, what if you want to see what happens? You push through for a while. But it isn't getting any easier. Could the denoument be worth trudging through this crazy guy's mind? This guy's crazy mind? We'll see. I had just had these thoughts when I came across the following passage:
I can do what I like at any moment I like in this document or text of
however we name it because this is my world, universe, neighborhood, note
(though I hate seeing the word note in my notes), and I can do what I damn well
please and fuck you if you think I'm ignoring rules and fuck you if you think
that I'm being indulgent and fuck you and if you think that references to
archaic philosophical notions are mere erudition, wihch they are not, but fuck
you anyway because this is my world and you're welcome to it if you want to
enter and if you don't want to enter then fuck you twice anyway and if you do
want inside then fuck you trice because you fucking deserve it.

That about sums it up, huh? If you want to read, then fine. If you don't, then that's fine too. Close the book and get on with your life.

I'm continuing to read.

Know What I'm Sayin'??