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I'm Sayin'??
Friday, December 14, 2007
I Live in Decatur 5: Whose House?
I'll tell you whose house.

That's right. It's Mamma Nem's House. I caught this just a week ago in Stone Mountain, on the way to visit a friend. had to pull a U-Turn to go back and snap this photo, but it was worth it.

Not much to say about this one. I DO wish they would have gotten a graphic designer to help out with this sign, though. The way those "m"s are so wide that they encroach on the other letters is pretty disgusting. And the "e" in "Nem's" just looks out of place. It doesn't really match the rest of the font.

That being said, I wish them luck on this new venture. It's hard out there.

Know What I'm Sayin'??


Blogger BrownBerry said...
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Blogger BrownBerry said...
Seriously? These last 2 had me crying with laughter; and maybe a little sadness at the reality of it all. Sad, but also funny.

Blogger Jameil said...