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Sunday, December 30, 2007
A Certain Logic
A friend of mine bought a car in August of last year, just before he started Grad School.

It was a Volkswagen GTI. Nothing super crazy. Just a dependable car to get him around town.

I don't remember if this happened before he bought the car, or after, but he has one rim on the car that does not match the other three.

The other day he explained to me that as he's gearing up for graduation, he's pondering whether or not to sell the VW and buy something else. The VW needs some minor cosmetic work, and of course there's that mismatched rim. His option are:
  1. Sell the car and buy something else
  2. Keep the car, get the cosmetic issues fixed, two rims. He figures that since it's impossible to see both sides of the car at the same time, it only really matters that the rims on a particular side match each other.
A certain logic.

Know What I'm Sayin'??
Blogger Setta B. said...
I love it! Two different sets of rims. Your boy is right.