Know What
I'm Sayin'??
Tuesday, October 09, 2007
In the news...
I can't make this stuff up, people.

Okay. Get this:

I'll break it down for you:
  1. A 14-year-old girl keeps getting in trouble (presumably at school).
  2. The girl's single father gets SO frustrated that he can't think of any suitable punishment for her. What does he do? He essentially puts her in a minimum-security jail.
  3. On Friday evening, he lets her go to the bathroom, then locks her on the 2nd floor balcony of their apartment, and THEN he leaves home for the evening, returning about 5am.
  4. He leaves her out there for most of Saturday and Sunday.
  5. He periodically lets her inside the house to use the bathroom.
  6. He leaves her a ladder so that she can get down from the balcony in case of an emergency.
  7. At some point during the weekend, she actually uses the ladder. She goes down from the balcony, goes to the leasing office, and gets a spare key so that she can use the bathroom. She then gets a neighbor to lock her back on the balcony, and return the key to the leasing office so that her father doesn't get angry.
  8. On Sunday, the father was arrested for cruelty to children and reckless conduct.
I'm not saying I condone what the brother did...but I understand.

Know What I'm Sayin'??
Blogger nikki said...
nah, i don't understand that shit. he's an idiot. that's the best he could come up with? it sounds like an excuse he came up with so that he wouldn't have to stay home and keep his teen in check.

Blogger Unknown said...
i don't know now. i can understand feeling like "what can i do to get my child to act right?" but to lock her on the balcony? that is a little extreme.

Blogger Jameil said...
ummm.... what?!?!