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Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Security is Peace of Mind
I like to think I have a talent for sizing things up. I can look at an item or an idea, and I can poke holes in the execution of it, or I can give it the thumbs up.: "I think this is a good idea. It should work". Over the years I've managed to get pretty quick at this.

Well, I saw a product this morning that I think is a GREAT idea for families and single-folkz alike. It's called the Lock Jaw.

The Lock Jaw is a device that is used to secure a deadbolt from the inside so that nobody can disengage that deadbolt from the outside, whether or not they have a key. It can be installed on the door with screws, or even with double-sided tape. It's simple to use, but very secure. When it's not being used, it's out of the way. It can be used in homes, apartments, dorm rooms, or even in hotels while traveling if you do it right. Maybe pack it with some strong magnets? Just be sure not to erase your credit cards. Good, clean, simple engineering. I like it. There's a write up at this site, with more photos.


Know What I'm Sayin'??
Blogger Safety Guy said...
We saw the Lock Jaw recently being demonstrated by Bob Stuber - the ABC News safety consultant on KOMO in Seattle. What a neat, effective - innovative - idea! The fact that it is only engaged from inside is perfect for me because I can take it with me when I travel, and we bought one for our daughter's on-campus dorm room. Our teenage son is what they call a 'latchkey' kid. We love the fact that he's safe until we get home...then we're all safe!