Know What
I'm Sayin'??
Tuesday, August 14, 2007
I'm a cook, dammit.
Tonight my wife asked for nachos for dinner. When I do nachos, I essentially make the same taco sauce that I use for Taco Night, but put it with nachos instead of taco shells, and I always do two layers of the nacho chips with the sauce, some cheese, lettuce.

Okay. The sauce: Usually I buy the Old El Paso Sauce Mix. I get a pound of ground beef, cook that through, add the sauce mix and a little bit of water, and that's the sauce.

Now. Tonight, I went to Publix and got all of my ingredients. I got home, and I realized that I FORGOT the sauce mix. So, what to do? Now, the average dude would turn around and get back in the car, and go buy the mix. The gas you would burn to get to the store would cost more than the mix! I'll you what I did. I made my own sauce. That's right. I made my OWN DAMN SAUCE.

I browned my ground beef with some chili powder and some black pepper, and added some chopped onions and bell pepper (which I was going to do anyway). This is where I started creating. I pulled out a can of tomato sauce, and added that. A little salt. A good dose of Adobo seasoning (this dude I used to work with hipped me to the Adobo). Some sprinkles of ground red pepper (just a tad too much for Mrs. Mau. Sorry.)

That was it. Better than the mix.

Hell yeah.

Know What I'm Sayin'??
Anonymous Anonymous said...
C.A., Your dishes are ALWAYS delectable to me. (Hence, my incessant requests...) Per usual, I'll be taking the remnants with me for lunch today! "yummy in my tummy" ;)

Blogger Jameil said...
word. do you love food network, too? mexican food is fab-o. sign me up.