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I'm Sayin'??
Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Bad TV: Comedy Central's Roast of Flavor Flav
If you ask me, Comedy Central's Roast of Flavor Flav put Black people back by AT LEAST 15 years. Probably more.

Remember Spike's movie Bamboozled? That was a satire. It wasn't meant to be taken seriously. This was even worse than the worse moments of Bamboozled, but they weren't being critical. They were serious. Really enjoying themselves.

Make that 20 years. This HAS to be the most un-funny thing ever to air on TV, much less Comedy Central. I'm considering a personal boycott of anyone and everyone who had a hand in it or even attended and was in the audience laughing their ass off. Somebody get me a guestlist.

Know What I'm Sayin'??

By the way, I do realize that spelling out the entire title of the show may make this post show up when people Google the event. I don't care.
Blogger Stairway Dweller said...
Ouch...I didn't see it, but I cringe at the very thought of how awful it was. Tell em Mau! I'll support you in your boycott!