Know What
I'm Sayin'??
Thursday, July 05, 2007
My contribution to your 7/7/7
Alright, family. I'm assuming that you've heard that July 7, 2007 is the biggest wedding day of the year, if not the decade, if not the millennium. That being said, odds are that you know of a couple of weddings going on this weekend.

I'd like to share a tidbit of knowledge with you. Even if you don't apply this this weekend, you will undoubtedly one day call on this information, and you will also probably share it with someone.

Have you ever been to a wedding with the happy couple chooses not to include on the program instructions on whether or not to stand during the bride's entrance? Or maybe they do print it on the program, and you have some people who just don't read? Then there are those darn late-comers who may not even get programs. It can be pretty awkward. Some people sit, some people stand. The ones who don't have programs kinda do the half sit/stand, trying to see what everyone else is gonna do. It gets really bad when all the people in the back(who don't have programs) decide to stand, but they really aren't supposed to stand, and the people in the front know that they're not supposed to stand but they can't see because of the nimrods in the back. Sometimes one person shames everyone else into standing with a comment - "Oh. Look at her. She's so beautiful! You HAVE to stand up for her!". (I saw that happen once.)

Anyway. When absent of explicit directions, here's how you know whether or not to stand up during the bride's entrance: Don't look at her. Look at her mother. If the mother of the bride is standing up, then get to your feet. If she's sitting there looking at her daughter and on the verge of tears, stay in your seat. A little dose of etiquette. It's that simple. Don't look at the bride. Look at her mother.

Know What I'm Sayin'??
Blogger Jameil said...
don't know any weddings that day. i don't understand the whole don't stand thing. so everyone can see... blah blah blah but whatever.

Blogger Mau said...
That's okay'll understand in a few years...

Blogger nikki said...
that's great advice!

i never even thought about the whole "stand or no stand" situation. i figure everybody stands. i've never been to a wedding where folk didn't stand.

Blogger Jameil said...
no i mean when i'm walkin down the aisle EVEEEEEEEEEEERYBODY betta stand.