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Sunday, June 17, 2007
Patronize!: My Book of Lists
Sometimes, living in this digital world of ours full of online calendars, address books and photo albums, it's more than a little refreshing to step away from the keyboard sometimes. Enter My Book of Lists.

My Book of Lists is just that...a book of lists. It has pages for all of the stuff that you jot down on random pieces of paper, or try to remember for later reference. Now you have a place to dump those random pieces of information detritus and free your brain. I'm sure you'll find it quite liberating.

The standard pages in My Book of Lists:
  • a page for birthdays and anniversaries for each month
  • my Books to Read
  • my Movies to Watch
  • my Places to Travel
  • my Music to Buy
  • my Restaurants to Try
  • my Wine to Taste
  • my Sites to Surf
  • my Shoppes to Shop
  • my Quotes to Quote
  • my Things to Note
  • my Web User IDs and Passwords
There are a variety of covers to pick from, or for a more personal touch, any of the covers or inside pages can be customized for an additional cost. That way you can add a page for..."my Bowling Scores" or "my Golf Scorecards". Maybe "my Blood Pressure Readings". Actually, that's not a bad one. I have borderline high BP, and whenever I find myself at a doctor for a random appt, I ask to have my BP taken. This way, I wouldn't have to memorize it, or write it on a random sheet of paper! The point is, the books can be customized to YOUR individual needs. They come in four different sized, from "Mini" all the way up to the full-sized "Portfolio".

A new offering in addition to the standard My Book of Lists is...I'm not sure what the official title is. Let's call it "My Week". My Week is a book of identical blank templates for planning your week. It's got an agenda for each day, as well as a detachable book of "Things to Do" that you can carry around with you. Quite handy! Currently Portfolio size only, because honestly everything gets a bit smushed up if you go smaller with it.


Know What I'm Sayin'??
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I have two sizes and they are awesome... I highly recommend for presents.

Anonymous Affise said...
Loved reading this tthanks