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Sunday, June 17, 2007
A Great Meal
I had this meal over a week ago now, and I'm still talking about it, so I suppose it's worthy of a post.

It was last Saturday, June 9th. Mrs. Mau and I were in St. Pete for a wedding. She was in the ceremony, so she had to be at the hotel early to get ready. The result was that it was like 12:30, and the wedding was at 3, so I had PLENTY of time to feed myself.

I found myself at Zapata's, a Mexican restaurant just a block off Baywalk. It turns out that Zapata's had just opened on June 1, but of course I didn't know that at the time.

When I sat down, I was given the obligatory Chips and Salsa. After a quick glance at the menu, I supplemented that with the Guacamole. For my entree, I chose the "Beef Tips in Tomatillo Sauce". After I gave my entree order, this is what my waiter said to me: "How about to drink, sir? Just water? Soda? House margarita? Top shelf margarita? Homemade sangria?" Just then, something inside me just kinda clicked, and I knew it would be a good meal.

The Guac was, of course, fresh. At least, it tasted fresh to me! Nice whole chunks of avocado, excellent. I was honestly well on my way to being full when my main entree arrived.
I was quite glad I saved some space! The beef tips were well-done, as I requested, but not overdone at all, and very flavorful. Tender with excellent slightly charred flavor. The Tomatillo sauce was topped with diced onions and cilantro - two of my favorite produce-section staples. The whole combination, along with the rice and refried beans, was just right. Everything had just the right tone, and excellent flavor. The sangria had the whole fresh fruit thing going, and was quite tasty also. Tasty enough to order a second glass, so that should tell you something.

$35 bucks later, I rolled myself out of there, stuffed and happy. The food was great, the service was great, and I had NO complaints. The place also has a tequila bar, which I didn't get a chance to sample. Maybe next time. One day this week, expect to find me in search of a repeat experience a bit closer to home.

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Blogger T Dot said...
Whatchu know about St. Pete!?! I was just there this weekend. Eating at a Tapas place down the street from Baywalk. Holla at ya girl.