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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Speaking of grammatical stuff...(A Confession)
I know it's not grammatical per se, but I have a confession.

I use ellipsis WAY to much.

I hope those who have been visiting me for a while haven't noticed, but it's true. Not that I plan on changing any time soon. I'm just acknowledging. it's going to drive people crazy.
Anonymous Ruth said...
I suffer from the same affliction...

Anonymous luna said...
in this now very computer and phone texting dominated world, i think one can't help but use ellipsis in a way not previously used in traditional writing. i personally know i would be lost without it. as you can see, i also seem to have lost the ability to capitalize when i text....

btw, i come to you from marce's site, and i visit often to hear what you have to say... thanks for the interesting blogs

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