Know What
I'm Sayin'??
Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Random Knowledge

So…I was sitting here at work on a conference call, right? I scored a headset from the EA, so I’m cruising hands free.  Good stuff.


So I’m on this call, and I have idle hands, so I pick up my stapler.  I’m playing with the stapler, and I notice the little metal anvil with the grooves where the staples hit.  Everyone has seen these things.  You ever notice what the second set of grooves is for?  We usually use the set bends the staples towards the inside.  The other bastardized set bends the staples to the outside.


Well, I’m hear to share, and teach, so here is what the other setting is for:  The standard setting is for “stapling”.  The other setting is for “pinning”.  The difference is that pinning is for when you want the fastening to be more temporary.  The staple comes out a lot easier using this setting. 


Try it.  Today.  Go forth and conquer.  Own your office implements.  You may never find yourself wanting to “pin” something, but you just might.  Now you know!  And knowing is half the battle.


Know What I’m Sayin’??