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Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Big City, Small Town
So last night, I dropped trough this event hosted by Tanqueray, featuring The Roots. Breezed in maybe 15 minutes after the performance started, but it was all good. You can't really complain when you miss a little bit of a free show.

Anyway, I'm strolling through, and I pass by this chick. I think "I know her. I think. Jeez, that's Errin Haines." I found Errin's blog after surfing through one or two others, and I've always figured that I'd see her in the streets eventually. Atlanta is by no means a small city, but it's not huge, either, and judging from the places she writes about frequenting, we run in the same circles. At any rate I make a mental note: "Maybe I'll drop through her blog later and grace her with a comment."

A bit later, she's chatting with my..."brother-in-law". Turns out they're good friends! I speak to him, and turn to her and say..."You know, I read your blog." She withered slightly. Was maybe tad bit mortified. I think she recovered, though. I'm surprised she's not used to it by now. I mean, her blog is at [her name].com. And she's pretty liberal with posting pictures. She's like a local celebrity. I'm not I try to keep a more anonymous profile.

Anyway, good to meet you, Errin.

Know What I'm Sayin'??
Blogger Mr. Opinionated said...
See. that's why I dont show no damn pictures of myself. Crazy people coming up to you talking to you and shit. Fuck that...

You know, Errin kinda fine though...

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