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I'm Sayin'??
Monday, May 21, 2007
The 24 Season Finale - As it Happens
8:35 - We're about a quarter of the way through. Mrs. Mau mentioned during the opening montage that we hadn't seen Bill Buchanan in a while, and he has already "inserted himself" into things. His wife is arrested. Jack is loose. All of a sudden, everyone is on edge.

8:40 - The VP looks pissed.

8:47 - Already, Jack was right, and anybody who didn't agree with him has been proven wrong. Oh yeah, and Ricky Schroeder just had a small bomb to detonate in his face. That's what happens when you disagree with Jack.

8:52 - The VP doesn't look so pissed anymore. That shell of righteousness of his just came crashing down, and pretty fast, too.

8:54 - Jack knows how his father thinks. He can run, but can he hide?

8:59 - OOOhhhhhhh! Chloe goes down!

9:07 - Jack: It's not your fault, Doyle. You were following orders.
Doyle: Just get the kid, Jack. Get the kid.

9:09 - A bit more unrealistic than usual: "I'm commandeering your helicopter. Get out. GET OUT!" Nobody's learned not to turn their back on Jack Bauer, yet? Come on, people?!

9:20 - They've got the fast music going. Something's about to happen.

9:21 - Jack is a one-man wrecking crew.

9:26 - Chloe's still down. I've got a feeling she'll be back on her feet by the end of the episode. Mrs. Mau is POSITIVE Chloe's pregnant.

9:27 - Shoot him Josh!

9:27:50 - Good job, Josh!

9:33 - Everybody's safe, and the bad guy is in custody. BUT...there are still like 30 minutes left! 24 isn't soft enough to spend that long wrapping stuff up. There MUST be more fireworks to come. Something else is gonna happen.

9:35 - You knew from that look on his face that Jack was about to let go of that ladder. "Jack's not ready to go back yet."

By the way...a break or two ago saw a commercial for the Transformers Movie. I'm SO THERE. May even catch it at the IMAX.

9:40 - Everybody's acting all nothing else is coming. Do you know what can happen in 20 minutes?!?! That's practically an eternity in 24-time.

9:42:55 - Mrs. Mau was right.

9:45 - Nadia: "Where's Jack?" Buchanan: "We'll never find him. Not if he doesn't want us to."

9:46 - Jack's going to get his woman!

9:49 - "If you try sending someone after us, I'll kill them. I'm pretty good at that, too." Cold blooded.

9:53 - If they end the season with Jack whispering to a woman who can't even respond, I'm never watching 24 again. Okay. That's a lie, but I'll be really upset with...somebody.

9:54 - Jack is walking around, still with the gun in his hand like he's expecting Ninjas to appear out of nowhere.

9:56 - Not happy with the ending. I expected more. They even cheated me out of a few minutes. Bastards.