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Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Strike that. Reverse it. Thank You: Revisiting the Past
Okay, so...first of all, let me start by saying that my Mother wasn't too upset about seeing her kitchen put on display for all to see. What she WAS upset about was that I didn't clarify that it was my Father who insisted on keeping ALL the knives around, rather than going with the adage of "Out with the old..." That being said, IT'S MY FATHER WHO INSISTED THAT MY PARENTS NOT THROW OUT THE OLD KNIVES WHEN THEY GOT NEW KNIVES.

Secondly, I've already had at least two people tell me that they think it's a smashing idea to include an extra envelope in a pack of stationery. Of course, if you mess up an envelope, there's always the chance that you'll waste a second envelope, but the loose consensus is that it's a good thing to have that extra envelope, just in case you make a mistake. If you make two mistakes, well then, that's on you.

Third. Remember that ticket I got? My court date was yesterday and, well, it didn't start off to great. The "start time" on the ticket was 8:00am. Whenever I've been to court, they usually start at 8:30. Yesterday, I woke up at 8:30. When I went bed last night, I just totally forgot that I had somewhere to be the next day. When I realized the predicament I was in, I uttered an expletive, and my wife quickly surmised what had happened. She said..."Just go, they probably haven't called your name yet." I went. Made pretty good time, too. Made there by 9:00, navigating around and through morning rush-hour traffic. I get there, and it's not too late! I don't know if they had already called my name or what, but it wasn't too late. I'm not gonna bore you with the details, but I got the impression that the judge at some point had had some words with the police officer about issuing silly-ass tickets like for stopping in front of a firestation. He downgraded me to a warning, and sent me on my way.

An IM convo I had with this dude I hang out with sometimes:
Mau: by the way...that ticket...the firestation?
Dude that I allow to hang out with me: uh huh?
Mau: judge reduced to a warning!
Mau: *NICE*
DTIATHOWM: *slaps five* Niiiiice!!!

HHHmm...What else? I found this press release about the Ford/BP dealings. I guess BP is giving Ford lots of free stuff in exchange for "recommending" their fuel on the gas caps.

Oh yes. It's not looking good for Vonage. Their initial conclusion is that Verizon's patents on VoIP technology are so wide-reaching that it would be no easy matter to create workarounds to the technology. Their only recourse is to "recreate the wheel." We'll see, but like I said, it's not looking good.

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