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Wednesday, April 25, 2007
So, TDot wrote a post about hot dogs, which my brother saw, and then he wrote his post about hot dogs.

I figure it's my turn. Only I'm not talking about hot dogs. I'm talking about full-fledged meals. Many, many years ago I learned that the three things that human being require to live are food, shelter, and clothing. That's what I'm talking about. Food, the requirement of life.

Many of you know that I got married last year. Well, it's anniversary time. The theme for our wedding was "For Centuries to Come". Therefore, I have dubbed this week "For Centuries to Come Week". This week, I'm making it a point to contact the entire wedding party to wish them a happy "FCTC Week". I'm also making nice "FCTC Dinners" for Mrs. Mau.

Monday night, it was salmon steaks. I made a nice marinade out of mustard and olive oil and dill. I managed to cook them perfectly. Great flavor, and moist. Not dry at all. On the side, sauteed asparagus, and roasted red potatoes with rosemary and garlic. A nice bottle of Riesling to top it off.

Last night, I went to the Farmer's Market. It took me a while to decide what I was making, but I finally came up with something. Something a bit lighter this time. Angel Hair Pasta with Grilled Chicken and Pesto Sauce. Came out very nice also. On the side, Spring Mix salad, with a little bit of fresh dill for an extra kick. For dessert, organic strawberries with fresh whipped cream (real cream, not that Cool Whip stuff).

I also picked up a flank steak. Flank steak is notoriously tough, so tonight we're having 24-hour marinated and tenderized Flank Steak and...probably a corn and tomato salad. Maybe a nice succotash. Something like that.

Tomorrow? We'll just wait and see. We're having drinks with a friend of ours, so it may be an "out" dinner.

I already have Friday planned, but that one will have to be a surprise for Mrs. Mau! Hopefully, she won't see this until tomorrow, and the Flank Steak will be a surprise, too.

Next week, we'll be back to hot dogs.

Know What I'm Sayin'??
Blogger Setta B. said...
So cute. Glad you're treating my LS well.