Know What
I'm Sayin'??
Thursday, April 26, 2007
Equal Opportunity
So...Mrs. Mau and I were in Chik-Fil-A today. You know how they keep a few copies of the local newspaper around? Right.

Well, I happened to notice the front of the Metro section. The headline read "Camp workers, victim's kin await justice in teen's death". I thought to myself "Only in the South. The NY Times would have used the word 'family'.".


My initial goal was just to share that observation with you, my readers and friends.

I got back to my desk, and went to my trusty to pull up the article. What do I find? This:

It turns out that you can view the Print Version online, separate from the standard online version.

Why the difference? Hm? I don't make this stuff up, peeps.

Know What I'm Sayin'??