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Monday, March 05, 2007
Only in America: The Bobby Brown Edition (Part 2)
This stuff seems more suited for some crazy prime-time drama, or maybe a modern version of a Shakespearian tragicomedy, but "the plot thickens", as it were.

A few facts (At least, I think they are facts):
  • The radio station agreed to put up the money on Wednesday.
  • On Thursday, Bobby Brown's brother actually shows up at the courthouse with the money.
  • The radio station believes that the brother only showed up with the money because he was under the assumption that he would be reimbursed by the radio station.
  • By Friday morning, the deal is apparently off. By the way, Bobby Brown allegedly has no idea where the money came from.
  • Sounds like the Bobby and Hot 99.5 are two star-crossed, jilted lovers.
I'm tired of this. No more about Bobby Brown.

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