Know What
I'm Sayin'??
Monday, March 12, 2007
I'm sorry, Man. I'm sorry.
True story.

So, I once had this dude working for me who I called Boogie. Like Boogie Wonderland? Right.

So one day, Boogie and I get to talking about dogs. Turns out we both want to eventually get dogs. He tells me that he wants to purchase a Boxer puppy, and I tell him that I'm looking into adopting. I ask him how much a Boxer puppy costs.

He tells me some obscene amount of money, and I come with "Naw, man. You don't need to spend all that money on a dog. You should adopt. You can look through the different Humane Societies around the state, and there are even probably Non-Profit Organizations whose missions are to rescue Boxers 'in need' and find them good homes. That's what you should do. Don't spend all that money. This way you'll be getting the dog you want and you'll also actually be saving a life."

Apparently, Boogie took what I said to heart, because one day a couple of weeks later he comes to me and he's like "I found one!" "What?" "I found a Boxer to adopt." It's up in North Georgia somewhere. I'm going pick it up in two weeks."

So, in two weeks, he goes to pick up the dog, and he comes back to work that Monday all excited. Named the dog "Jordan". Life is good, right?

Shortly after that, Boogie gets laid off. They really did him wrong, but that's not the story, here. The point is we keep in touch and we actually ended up having some mutual friends, but we don't communicate nearly as much as we used to.

One day, I see Boogie out in the streets. I ask him about the dog. I get this crazy story. It turns out that he went and got this Boxer puppy. Brought it home. Got attached to it. Jordan starts growing and getting bigger and bigger. Stronger and stronger. Starts coming into his own. Growing into his huge feet and what-not.

Turns out that Jordan wasn't a Boxer at all. Boogie had adopted a Pit Bull! Crazy, right?

Boogie actually lives down the street from a good friend of mine, and I used to see him when I visited. It's been a while, though. I once saw him walking the dog. Or rather, the dog was walking him. Dragging him down the street! Boogie is not a small dude. He's like 6'1'' or 6'2'' or so. At least 220. This Pit Bull dragging him down the street. I felt so bad that I had convinced him to adopt, and he didn't end up with what he wanted!

I've seen him a few times since those days, and I'm sure I've apologized to him, but I'd like to say it again here. In this forum.

I'm sorry, Boogie. I'm sorry.

True story!

Know What I'm Sayin'??
Blogger me said...
lol. my dog used to walk me all the time.. but i'm little. it's not your fault no one knew to tell him, (or didn't bother) and he didn't know himself, the difference b/t a pit and boxer puppy...

Blogger Setta B. said...
i agree. that's not your fault. he didn't know that he was being taken. it's the seller's fault.