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Monday, March 05, 2007
A City of Stick-in-the-Muds
Check out this article.

Short version: There's a city just outside of Atlanta called Lilburn, GA. Apparently the powers that be in Lilburn have come to the conclusion that alcohol causes crime, and the only appropriate time to have alcohol in public is with a proper meal.

According to Mayor of Lilburn Jack Bolton, "We don't want to have dance clubs, party clubs or bars."

  • Liquor licenses are only granted to establishments in which 50% of sales comes from food.
  • The following activities are BANNED in establishments that serve alcohol: card games, pool, video games, trivia games, and...get this...karaoke.
The madness is not restricted to Lilburn. The city of Forest Park, GA gives out tickets for starting your car, and going back inside while it warms up.

This is just plain stupid. Don't these people have anything better to do?

Hello?!?! Is this thing on?!?!

Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm expecting too much of people. Too much of the world around me. I'm worried about how poorly Georgia's students are being trained, and these people are waging war against karaoke and warm cars. This is just disgusting. EVERY DAY there is all this silliness in the news.

Like this. Oh, so instead of insisting that kids express themselves intelligently, let's help the adults take themselves down to their level.

Anna Nicole Smith. A spectacle. A coffin draped with a rhinestone-studded pink blanket?

Y'all remember the last scene in Higher Learning? Larry Fishbourne yelling "Wake Up! Wake Up!" I understand how the brother felt.

This started out as a simple amusing story about Lilburn, GA. Now look. I've sat here and gotten frustrated and gotten my pressure up.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Brotha man,

Are you sure Lawrence Fishburne yelled Wake up at the end of Higher Learning....or was it School Daze? My bet is on School DAZE...get it..DAZE (plus, this was before he woke up and decided that Lawrence was more suitable name for a thespian than Larry- go figure!). Check it out and get back to us!

Your brotha from anotha motha!!

Blogger Mau said...
HHHmmm...You know, you might be right.

I'm not right ALL the time, so there's a chance.

I think you ARE right. Dammit. That means I'm wrong.

Remember this, because I'm not wrong often.