Know What
I'm Sayin'??
Monday, February 12, 2007
Just the good ole boys. Never meanin' no harm?
The good ole boys here in Georgia are getting their guns back.

The short version: current law restricts where in a car a citizen can carry a nonregistered firearm - either in the glove box or another compartment, or in "full view".

The Georgia House of Representatives just passed a measure that will allow lots more freedom in where firearms are kept - between seat cushions...under the seat..maybe even in a holster attached to the steering wheel. Pretty much wherever the owner decides is the best and most advantageous place to keep it. Of course, the Senate still needs to approve the measure.

There's another bill coming down the pipe that will keep police officers from confiscating firearms from the Average Joe during a state of emergency...such as a hurricane. The truth of that matter is that in case of an emergency, whether or not it gets taken will be more a case of will power than of the law.

The last possible legislation around firearms would keep certain employers from banning employees from keeping firearms in their locked vehicles on employer-owned property. This means that when Leroy or Clarence loses it and "goes postal", he at least has to drive home to get his pistol, and then fight traffic back to the office to wreak some havoc. Some of the powers that be want them to be able to sprint out the parking lot, remove the pistol from the custom steering wheel holster, and then sprint back into the building to pop a cap in the secretary's ass who has turned him down for lunch one too many times.

I'm going to start working from home. I'm not getting out there with y'all. Not gon' get me.

No, no.

Know What I'm Sayin'??