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Sunday, January 14, 2007
Liveblogging 24, Part 1
Okay...we had a bunch of people over for dinner, and we started late. That didn't keep me from seeing all of the episode, but my liveblogging is a bit tardy.

So far:
  • We've found out that Jack didn't speak a single word for the 2 years the Chinese had him.
  • Jack was released as part of a deal between US and a terrorist. The terrorist's side of the deal is to give up the location of another terrorist that has been setting off bombs all around the country.
  • Curtis is maybe ALMOST as cold-blooded as Jack. When they left Jack for the terrorists to pick up, Curtis had nothing to say. Not "Your country will remember you, Jack." Not anything sappy like "You're my inspiration Jack." Not even a head nod, and a peace sign. Just gave him an extremely respectful look, and turned and walked away. Exactly as Jack would have done.
  • Chloe is up to her old tricks again, and almost jeopardized the whole operation.
  • The terrorists that got Jack reveal to him that the terrorist that he's giving up did not commit the bombings.
  • Jack went vampire on this guy and got his keys from him as soon as they turned their backs on him. YOU DON'T TURN YOUR BACK ON JACK BAUER.
9:01 - Jack Bauer is one of the few people in the world that gets a direct line to the President whenever he wants it.

9:12 - The last 10 minutes (15 minutes in 24 time) have been relatively predictable.

9:16 - Regina King is playing David and Wayne Palmer's sister.

9:30 - For the first time, we see the results captivity have had on Jack...he's gained a bit of perspective.

9:55 - Jack was right. The President was wrong. The President's people were wrong.