Know What
I'm Sayin'??
Monday, October 09, 2006
I thought about writing a book, but this is faster.
I just ran across this article about the success of blogs being turned into books. Or rather, the success of books made out of blogs.

Pretty interesting stuff. I mean, I say that I'd like to write a book, but that's only half of the equation, right? In order to make a book work, you need someone (many someones (many MANY someones)) to think that what you write is worth reading. Now, I have no delusions about my rantings. They may be relatively intelligently written. Sometimes witty, even insightful. I make liberal use of literary license. BUT, does that make it book-worthy? Doubtful.

How many loyal readers do I have? Well, according to Feedburner, there are 3 people subscribed to my RSS Feed. One of those is me! (Of course I subscribe to my own feed. It's perfectly normal.) How many people on top of that are there? Well, let's wife, my brother, Marcy. Del, I think Ron drops in periodically. My mom...but she's been kinda busy lately. Jessie was pretty consistent for a while, but he's probably got his hands full with his daughter. I think the Southern_Man comes around sometimes. Rusty.

How many is that? Ten or Eleven? Most of those people would probably get free copies, anyway. So how can I expect to sell THOUSANDS of books right now?

On top of that, how can I write both at the same time? One would have to suffer. Either I'd write the book, or I'd have the instant gratification of getting stuff off of my chest as soon as it gets there.

PLUS, what good is a blog-based book? It's blog-based! It's on the internet! It's free! Come on, people!

Know What I'm Sayin'??
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ha! I'm still here, Bro. Mau.

Blogger BrownBerry said...
Your point is very well made, and yet somehow I still would want you to write one. Hmmmm...