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Monday, October 30, 2006
Congratulations to the Mean Ole Lion and The Butterfly
My brother is my oldest and best friend. Some of the more "memorable" times we've had:
  • When we tried out for the show Double Dare. Our team name was "Benton's Boys". (Shout out to Dr. Benton)
  • The time his truck got a flat tire on the side of I-20. He didn't have the tools to change it, so what did he do? He sat right there and waited. He figured that between the friends that were waiting on him, and the fact that I had "gas on the chest", somebody that knew him (probably me) would ride up I-20 before too long. He couldn't miss me in the yellow Karmann Ghia.
  • The time he came to the New Years Eve party that my friends and I threw. The picture of him with that plastic hat on his head is hilarious.
  • When I spent a few tenuous minutes trying to teach him how to drive a stick.
  • When the bus full of middle-school kids picked him up off the side of the road in Orlando, looking like a homeless man, after driving from Atlanta for the Disney trip we were chaperoning.
Those are just a few, of course.

One of my personal proudest "brother moments" was on October 15th, when he married his lovely wife. If you notice, I don't use many people's names here, so I'll call them The Mean Ole Lion, and The Butterfly.

Beautiful ceremony. Just right. So very...them.

The reception. The best part was just after they came in, and everyone started eating. I walked up to them on their raised table and asked them if they needed anything. Their answer: "We're fine. Do we we have to stay here at this table? Can we walk around? We want to go see people." My answer: "It's your wedding. Do what you want to do!"

I'd like to share two things from that weekend: The poem that I said as my toast at the rehearsal dinner, and lastly, a photo. The poem was a little anticlimactic because after I announced the author and the title, The Butterfly and her best friend both clapped their hands and said that they had studied his poetry in college, and knew the poem well. That bursted my bubble, because I thought I was exposing them to some new stuff, KnowhatImean?

Anyway. The poem, and a photo:

“The Union of Two” by Haki R. Madhubuti

What matters is the renewing and long running kinship

seeking common mission, willing work, memory, melody, song.

marriage is an art,

created by the serious, enjoyed by the mature,

watered with morning and evening promises.

those who grow into love

remain anchored

like egyptian architecture and seasonal flowers.

it is afrikan that woman and man join in smile, tears, future.

it is traditional that men and women share expectations, celebrations, struggles.

it is legend that the nations start in the family.

it is afrikan that our circle expands.

it is wise that we believe in tomorrows, children, quality.

it is written that our vision will equal the promise.

so that your nation will live and tell your stories accurately,

you must be endless in your loving touch of each other,

your unification is the message.

continuance is the answer.

So...raise your glass to my brother and my Sister-in-Law. I love you both!
Blogger Setta B. said...
Oh, no! You didn't call yourselves Benton's Boys. I can't believe it.

Anyway, I know Lil Bro will make a wonderful husband. I raise my imaginary champagne glass to toast him and the Mrs. I need to email him by the way.