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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Isn't Wikipedia Good Enough?
Apparently not.

Another blog that I've found recently is Idea Festival. Idea Festival is also an event. I probably won't make it this year, but perhaps 2007. It's a pretty humbling site - a pretty constant stream of really smart people's reflections and thoughts on different subjects combined with current intelligent events. I honestly feel smarter and more knowledgeable from reading it.

What caught my eye enough to share with you today is Citizendium. It seems one of the co-founders of Wikipedia has come to the conclusion that Wikipedia, while a noble and valuable resource in its own right, is good, but could be better. He is building a better Wikipedia. The main differences are quality and qualifications.

The goal is to create a "citizen's compendium of expertise" that tempers the vast resources of and contributions to Wikipedia with expert guidance. The result should be a more concise and accurate resource. The anonymity of Wikipedia will be abandoned, and instead the actual names of contributors will be revealed, for all to see. If all goes according to plan, there will be more fact, and less opinion. More objectivity, and less subjectivity. Citizendium will use as it's foundation the "current" content of Wikipedia, and evolve from there. It should be an interesting trip, to be sure.

So, if you think you're "kind of a big deal" in, well, just about anything, keep your eyes on Citizendium. Better yet, sign up to be a Constable or a Subject Editor. This has the POTENTIAL to pretty ground-breaking, but right now, it's just that - potential.

Know What I'm Sayin'??