Know What
I'm Sayin'??
Friday, August 04, 2006
My next door neighbors...
...have a dog - a little Maltese named "Coach".

When they first brought him home, he didn't know his own name. I heard it a lot in those days. I could hear them outside calling him "Coach! Come here Coach!". I always wondered exactly how they came to that name. I figured that maybe he was kinda bossy, so they called him "Coach".

They just got a new dog - a little black poodle named "Gucci".

I can't make this stuff up, peeps.

Blogger Stairway Dweller said...
LOL!! As soon as I read the name "Coach" I was already laughing! Tooooo funny, and you're right - no one can make this stuff up. Can't wait to hear more "Gucci" stories :-D

Blogger BrownBerry said...
OMG say it ain't SO!
HAAAAAA! I'm with s.d. I was halfway there from line 2.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Holla to you to.
Check this out, might amuse you to.

Also check the soap following, it has humor.