Know What
I'm Sayin'??
Friday, June 02, 2006
I'll try not to be too graphic.
Okay, so for the last handful of months I've had this need to do some sort of...self-cleanse. I hadn't really done much about it, and it was just a passing thought. That being said, I was intruiged when Marcy announced that she was doing the Master Cleanse. The Master Cleanse is a 10ish day liquid fast/diet, sometimes referred to as the Lemonade Diet. For the whole 10ish days, you eat no food. You do a salt water first thing each morning, special lemonade during the day, and perhaps a laxative tea in the evening, and in the mornings too if the salt water doesn't do it for you. The lemonade provides your sustenance.

I started yesterday. My first day didn't go quite as planned, though. You're supposed to start with a cup of the tea the night before, but I'm a night owl so I didn't have my tea until like 2:00am. Then I had an appointment at 10:30am, so I didn't do the salt water wash until after I got back home (a good decision, it turns out). I did have lemonade on the way to my appointment, because I was hungry.

First Day Observations:
  • The tea didn't do much for me.
  • I'm VERY glad I didn't do the salt water wash before my appointment.
  • When I DID do the salt water wash, it kicked in within 2 hours. Probably a lot less, but I was doing a couple of things. KICKED.
  • The Lemonade - interesting. The secret ingredients are: Grade B maple syrup instead of of sugar, and a tad of cayenne pepper. The syrup is actually packed with vitamins and minerals, and the pepper is supposed to help your body release mucus.
  • I was pleasantly surprised by the lemonade. You're supposed to drink it when you get hungry. After I drank it, I wasn't hungry anymore. I'm not sure if it satisfied my hunger, or if the cayenne just took my mind off of it. It's not nearly as bad as you might think though. If you can handle a stiff alcoholic drink then you can easily handle this.
Day Two (Part 1):
  • Took the salt water bath at 8:30, maybe 3o minutes ago. I gotta go now.
You know what I'm sayin'.