Know What
I'm Sayin'??
Saturday, May 06, 2006
Upcoming Post Watch!
The title of an upcoming post, not really started yet, but more of an abstract idea bouncing around in my head:

Welcome to Planet Earth! (Sorry we didn't get a chance to clean the place up first.)

This post will be about all the craziness going on in the world, to the point that it's almost a sad proposition to have children.

Not sure that I'll ever get it out the way I really want it, so let me say this now, so that if I never get to it, at least I will have gotten out the core concept:

There's so much craziness in the world, that it's almost a sad proposition to bring children into it.

There. I said it. I feel a tad bit better, but not totally.

Know What I'm Sayin'??