Know What
I'm Sayin'??
Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Comments have been disabled...
...for some reason.

I've been wondering why I haven't heard from my peeps.

Well, the comments are open, guys(I hope). Have your way with them.
Blogger BrownBerry said...
Wheeeee! First!
I thought it was some computer glitch on my side, or a sign that I just clogged your commentary section one too many times :-)

Eagerly awaiting your continued blogging brilliance! (Hi Flee :))

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I love this blog! I like what the author has to say and blog about. I've been reading it since oh, about last week when Kamau mentioned this at Legal Seafoods. I am waiting for your next post (eagerly too) and going to start up my own blog (once I get settled among the cows and oil wells in Oklahoma). -Natalie

Blogger Mau said...
Thanks Marce, and welcome, Natalie!

I'm glad have you here!