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Thursday, March 02, 2006
We will miss Octavia Butler
Octavia Butler was a noted, and in my opinion, prolific Black Science Fiction author. She tragically died last Friday, February 24th 2006 in her home town of Seattle.

She was the author of 13.somethng books, including three series and a collection of short stories entitled Bloodchild and Other Stories. Her latest book, Fledgling, was just published in October 2005, and I personally was hoping that it would be the start of yet another series.

Her books are marvelously critical and "parabalisic", if that makes sense. She used them as a forum to voice her opinions on the shortcomings and the strengths of our society, as well as certain corners that our history and culture have unfortunately painted us into, like racial and sexual discrimination.

I have recently learned a few new things about Octavia. She was a lesbian, a feminist (quite clear from reading her books, now that I think about it), and self-described hermit, and I'd say her books will be treasured for generations to come. I don't have all of her books, but if anyone has any that they'd like to send me, let me know. Otherwise, I'll make it my mission to remedy that in short order. That way I know I'll have them, so my children, and my children's children, and my children's children's children can enjoy them.

The world will miss Octavia Butler, may it never forget her.

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