Know What
I'm Sayin'??
Thursday, March 02, 2006
Somebody introduce me to Alton Brown

I honestly have no idea how many people are reading this, but I keep
writing anyway. The reason I mention is that is because I'm dying to
know how many of y'all love watching Good Eats. I can't say that I set my TV to tune to it automatically, or anything, but if I see that it's on,
then my decision is made.

What makes Alton stand out from the rest of the Food Network shows is
that he doesn't just tell you /what/ to do. He tells you /why/ to do
it. That way you can take the knowledge and underlying concepts, and
expand upon them to your needs. He hates uni-taskers (tools or gadgets
meant and only useful for one purpose), and he is a big fan of common
sense. I watched it tonight, and he made a smoker out of two terra
cotta pots, a hot plate, and a BBQ grate. Like 50 bucks in materials.

An other thing I like is that the guy lives right here in Atlanta,
somewhere. Whenever he visits stores he flashes the name of the place
up in the corner of the screen, and I'm like "I've been there!". Cool

So, if anyone happens to know him, or can get to him within a degree or
two of separation, make an introduction. Hook me up.

Know what I'm sayin'??

Blogger BrownBerry said...
I'm here...I'm listening.
And I like what you're saying.
I don't however know Alton Brown, but as much as I'm trapsing the country maybe I'll come to GA and do a stake out with you if we can find his house.

Blogger BrownBerry said...
P.S. I LOVE the picture you chose for your profile. It's so "Mau" - and since I have it on good authority that it was taken with a 35mm Nikon N75 circa April 2004, it's photo integrity is certified and un-digitally tainted ;-)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That "Ham on the Street" show on Food Network is fun, too. It's the one show on that network that I actually have the Tivo set to record.