Know What
I'm Sayin'??
Atlanta, Ga
April 12-15, 2006

Non-member attendees who want one of those name tags and the official program: $5 day of.

Nuff said.


Hold on. As I read further, I see that for nonmembers, if you WANT the dorky nametag and the program, the cost is $50. That must be one helluva program, right? You might think so, but the program is online at the conference site, so why pay for it? Okay, so membersip in one of the Association is $50 also. I wonder if you have to be a member of one of these associations to attend?

Okay. These pop culture guys need a little bit of consulting help. Says on the site that they charge you extra if you register online, because of some surcharge from the service that they're using for online event payment and registration. I thought these days events charged extra for snail-mail registrations because of the hassle of dealing with paper and typing and such.
The event registration company must be making a killing! They're called Actēva.

Okay...this is getting more interersting by the minute. Popular Culture has a Journal, and because there apparently so much Pop Culture these days, they're expanding from 4, to 6 issues. Also, apparently they distribute a commemorative poster every year or something, because it's really important that you give a good mailing address so that you can get yours. Also, I guess they put out the posters a year early, or maybe they are just collecting mailing addresses for next year's poster, because they are specifically talking about the 2007 poster. A little bit confusing.

More: The scholar on me is not letting this Pop Culture thing go. Apparently the PCA was founded in the 1960s. If you were wondering what the difference is between the PCA and the ACA, the PCA waves the flag that Popular Culture is not necessarily contemporary, and definitely not always American.

I can't say that there are many organizations that I've ever had a hankering to join, but let me for now, say this: I'll try to attend at least some of the conference, and then I'll decide if I'll join one of the Associations. I'll keep you posted.

Know what I'm sayin'??