Know What
I'm Sayin'??
Wednesday, March 22, 2006
I've Got a Need

Earlier today a brief wave of frustration washed across my being. I got
frustrated because I was painfully aware that it's been a few days since
I've written anything. For the record, let me say that the most
remarkable thing about this is that in the less than two months that
I've been writing here, my soul has so enjoyed it that it the lack of it irritant. An itch. It bothered me. To me, that's growth. My
artistic spirit is (again) awake, and I'm honored to say it. The icing
on that cake is...that was only my first epiphany of the evening.

The Second Epiphany

So on the heels of that frustrated feeling my inner frustrated problem
solver instinct kicked in.

"I must write something!"
"What do I write?"
"Wait a minute, haven't I posted in the past about what I would be writing?"
"Yeah, but I haven't come across anything lately that I feel like
writing about. No great books or anything."
"Okay...didn't I somewhere post about an exact topic that I would write
about in the future?"
"Yes! That's it. Let's do it."